Latest movie i’ve made.

In The Netherlands we have ‘Sinterklaas’ like a Dutch St.Nick. A Dutch tradition.
After Breaking Bad Deal gone bad and Het Pieten duo & de verdwenen pakjes i made the sequal to the movie i made last year called Het Pieten Duo & Het Mysterieuze Drankje.

St.Nick want to feel younger because he has a hard time preparing every year.
The Lab Helper makes him a Youth potion but the bad guy sabotages the potion and that is why St.Nick loses his beard. This of course is a problem because children don’t like his new look.
Will St.Nick and his helpers solve this problem? Go see the movie.

The movie last year was Amateur hour. I’ve learned a lot last year and that is why i’ve made a professional movie┬áthis year. Go and see it.