New Projects.

Lately i’ve been busy working on multiple projects. The year started with a photoshoot.

I participated in a Meisner workshop and did a audition for a theaterplay.

After that i played a writer in a short movie and 48 hours film project Nijmegen.

Played Britsh Airman in the theaterplay of ‘Allo ‘Allo! and was the sound engineer backstage.

Also a photoshoot for Volkswagen. Most recently i got the part of Captain Darling in Blackadder goes forth. We will play the shows June and July.

Last week i played a character called Noah in a movie called Toeval bestaat niet (coincidence does not exist). In this movie loan sharks are hunting me for debts. And i ran into my ex girlfriend who is married but is pregnant of my kid.

Yesterday i played in a commercial. I am not allowed to speak about it.

So far so good. Let’s keep going!